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Camping in the great outdoors is a well-loved family past time in the warmer summer months. It doesn't cost a lot to collect the required equipment and everything can generally be packed into the back of a car or van for a pleasurable vacation. Camping for wheelchair users does present some challenges but sleeping quarters is not one of them due to several manufactures offering wheelchair accessible tents to consumers. A wheelchair accessible tent looks much like any other tent with one major exception. The doorway of an accessible tent is larger then a conventional tent, allowing a chair user to easily maneuver in and out of the tent.

While most tents have a small portion of canvas to step over, a wheelchair accessible tent does not as it would restrict the chair user's movements as well as causing possible damage to the material. The tent will also be high enough that the user can maneuver themselves without having theirs heads touching the top of the tent itself. Most wheelchair accessible tents will have at least two compartments, one being used as the sleeping and resting area while the front vestibule utilized for storing the wheelchair when not in use. Wheelchair accessible tents tend to be very simple to erect, utilizing minimal rods to support the material and create the domed affect. Ideally, the tent should be able to be erected by a single person in under 5 minutes.

Other features include larger pull handles on interior doors to make them easily accessible while seated in a wheelchair. While a wheelchair accessible tent will have a price tag two to three times the regular retail cost of a conventional tent, the additional features make the camping experience much more enjoyable for a wheelchair user. Nothing beats a product that is specifically designed for those people confined to a wheelchair as it addresses all the challenges they face during their outdoor camping experience.




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