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Wheelchair accessible showers and bathrooms.

Wheelchair accessible shower. The ability to shower on a daily basis is something able-bodied persons take for granted. We can wake you groggy from our night's sleep and still bathe with ease. This is not the case for those people confined to a wheelchair. In order to make this task as easy as possible, many wheelchair users utilize a wheelchair accessible shower that allows them to enter the shower with minimal barriers and cleanse themselves without having to rely on others for assistance.

The most common wheelchair accessible shower is a roll-in shower. This style of shower has no barrier at the entryway and has a gradual slope to ensure water runs downward to the drain rather then out into the bathroom area. A shower curtain helps contain the spray as well as giving the wheelchair user privacy during their shower. A specially designed shower chair is generally used in this style of shower, allowing the chair user to transfer themselves before entering and not worrying about damaging their regular chair with water.

Another type of wheelchair accessible shower utilizes a shower tray. While similar to a roll-in shower, the main difference is there is a small lip around the tray to trap water and make sure it doesn't backflow into the bathroom. Made of molded fiberglass, a shower tray has a unique look as it has a small gradual ramp at the point of entry that is easily navigated by the wheelchair user. A shower wheelchair is recommended to be used with a shower tray and can easily be maneuvered out of the shower once completed. Regardless of the style of wheelchair accessible shower, the goal is the same throughout and that is to provide a wheelchair user that facilities they require to bathe and cleanse themselves without having to rely on the assistance of others. This can greatly increase a chair users quality of life and feeling of independence.



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