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Wheelchair accessible playground equipment.

It might sound like an odd idea at first but wheelchair accessible playground equipment is becoming increasingly popular in public parks and schools. There are basically two kinds of this equipment including a dedicated playground set that is created exclusively for children in wheelchairs and an inclusive playground structure that features things for both wheelchair and able-bodied children. The elements of wheelchair accessible playground equipment are quite varied. One of the most popular elements included in the equipment is a stable ramp that allows the child to move to the various levels and features. All the sides of these ramps and rest areas will have high side guards to ensure the child in the wheelchair doesn't accidentally fall off the side and injuring themselves.

Another common characteristic of wheelchair accessible playground equipment is the surrounding surface. While sand is a common filling material, this would make it impossible for a child in a wheelchair to utilize. Instead, alternate flat material is utilized so a chair user can easily get to the different areas. Designers utilize bright and varied colors to make it interesting for the kids. One of the most popular features for children when it comes to wheelchair accessible playground equipment is a swing that allows a chair user to enter, be secured and enjoy a leisurely swing. These specially constructed swing sets will have a large secure box area that the chair can be maneuvered into and secured using strapping.

Once secured, the child can be pushed much like a regular swing without fear of falling or having the chair become disengaged. Monkey bars can even be installed in wheelchair accessible playground equipment, allowing a child in a wheelchair to reach up and pull their chair along using their arms. The height of the bars will be low enough as to not encourage the child to attempt to pull themselves up and out of their wheelchair.



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