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Wheelchair accessible motorhomes.

Motor homes are a great way to travel, vacation and see various parts of the country. Your home away from home has all the comforts required to make your adventure enjoyable while transporting you from destination to destination. For those people who are bound to a wheelchair, there are models of motor homes available that have modifications to give you all you require. This type of wheelchair accessible motor home will have some additional features from the conventional version of the recreational vehicle. The first and most important alteration to a wheelchair accessible motorhome is the lift system that will be installed to allow the chair user to enter and leave the vehicle.

The lift will be manufactured in such a manner that the passenger can operate it themselves, including all the clamping features required for the safe operation of the lift. Once the platforms elevates to the proper level, the passenger can maneuver throughout the motor home. The layout of the wheelchair accessible motor home will be altered a bit so there is adequate space to move around within. A lot of these motor homes will have extensions that can be extended to give additional living space such as seating and dining area. This allows the base of the motor home to be largely unencumbered, allowing for more room to move and turn the wheelchair. If the wheelchair accessible motorhome has been altered to allow a person in a wheelchair to drive it from location to location, some additional alterations are required.

The first change would be that a pathway from the lift system to the driving area would have to be cleared and accessible. The seat will have to be removed or a removable version with adequate safety clamping for the wheelchair. Lastly, there will need to be some sort of conversion from foot control to hand controls so the wheelchair user can accelerate and brake as necessary.

If you are looking to hire a motorhome this is also possible.


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