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Wheelchair accessible limo's.

When people think of limousines, their minds tend to drift to images of extended Cadillacs or other luxury vehicles with lush interiors. Many transportation companies have begun modifying other styles of vehicles including Suburban trucks and even a variety of specialized buses with decked out interiors meant to give passengers a safe, comfortable and luxurious ride.

The trend to stretch out larger vehicles has also lead to the development of wheelchair accessible limousine service in many areas. Wheelchair accessible limousines have been modified so that wheelchair users can experience the same thing an able bodied person does during special occasions such as weddings and proms. The limousine will have a larger doorway that can accommodate the loading of a person in a wheelchair via a retractable ramp or lift system. Once inside there will be designated seating for companions as well as the proper safety equipment to ensure the wheelchair is secure for the duration of the trip. The interior features will be much like those in conventional limousine. LCD televisions with DVD players and a high-end stereo system ensure you are entertained as you head to your special event.

Dedicated air conditioning to the passenger area will allow you to set the temperature to your own personal comfort levels. Some transportation companies even offer their customers access to video game systems and wireless wifi connections for their laptops or wireless devices. As anyone who's used a limousine service in the past knows, the driver can either "make or break" your event. Wheelchair accessible limousine drivers are the same although they tend to be more professional then their regular limousine driver counterparts. They will have additional training to ensure they are familiar with the ramp or lift system installed in the limousine as well as special needs various passengers may require.


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