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The Superhumans Show on Channel 4

The Superhumans Show is a great watch - on Channel 4 on Saturdays. The investment by Channel 4 for the Paralympics from London 2012 is superb, it really does highlight the sports and help inspire more people, getting the message out there more than it once was.

What really grabbed our addention this week was the 'wheelchair rollers' that were used on the The Superhuman Show - the fitness guru is Kris Saunders-Stowe - the founder of Wheely Good Fitness and he uses the rollers - which are called the Invictus Active Trainer for his DVD and sessions.

The trainer is suitable for anyone - you can improve your muscle strenght and get fit. They also calim that you lose 350 kcal every 3 mins - and have the data and results to show it!

If you are interested in the rollers or Kris - you can find out more here.


The Superhumans Show Channel 4








Wheelchair rollers channel 4 show


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