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Wheelchair accessible hotels worldwide.

Hotels have done a fantastic job over the years converting rooms at their establishments to accommodate wheelchair users. Most major chains keep an inventory of rooms for their wheelchair guests and their companions. Here are some of the things you can expect from wheelchair accessible hotels. These hotels will have designated wheelchair parking spots for their guests that rely on a chair for their mobility. The spaces will be close to the hotel entrance and be larger so a chair user can enter and exit their vehicle via a ramp or lift system. There will be ramps or altered curbs to allow easy access to the entrance.

Doors will be on ground level so there is not step to navigate to enter the hotel lobby. Hotels have long had elevators and this is one of the key components of a wheelchair accessible hotel. While some hotels will keep their wheelchair accessible rooms on the ground floor, others keep these altered rooms throughout the hotel. The rooms themselves will have wider doors to accommodate the wheelchair. Some standard doors are too small to allow a basic 26" width wheelchair to pass through easily so you will tend to see a 30" or large door installed on these rooms.

The rooms in a wheelchair accessible hotel will have a layout that allows the user ample room to maneuver and turn their chair. The bathroom facilities will also be larger and include support bars to allow a wheelchair user to transfer themselves to the toilet or a seated position in the shower. The tub sets will either have a built in seat or bench or a specially designed foldable shower chair will be included in the bathroom. Counters may also be lowered and even contain a small curve in its configuration to allow a wheelchair user to easily wash up while in the bathroom.

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