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Wheelchair disabled access hotels Telford

Looking for disabled hotel rooms Telford may not be an easy thing to do but at the same time it is very important as you will want to ensure that when you turn up you will not have to worry what the wheelchair access is going to be like.

It is reccommended to do your research and the following are good ideas:

1) Make a list of what you need - e.g ramp access, walk in shower, lowered reception, space around the bed etc - then ring the hotel and ask the questions. If there is a potential booking and a new customer they should be more than willing to help. If they are not you may want to consider going there anyway!

2) Find reviews - this may not be an easy task but the best form of recommendation is from someone who has already been there and even better if they are in the same position as yourself and know what the needs are when it come to being wheelchair accessible.




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