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Wheelchair accessible holidays are essential!

Years ago there were limited vacation packages available to persons who are bound to a wheelchair. Many tourist destinations have realized what a large segment of consumers this group is and have made modifications to their facilities to accommodate wheelchair accessible holidays. Many resorts in sunny destinations can accommodate wheelchair accessible holiday packages. The rooms that wheelchair users will be booked in will either be on the ground floor in a building that has an elevator for their convenience. The bathrooms will have the necessary transfer and support bars installed both for use of the toilet and shower facilities. Some higher end resorts even have the convenience of roll in showers for chair users. Wheelchair accessible cruises are another popular option for wheelchair users.

Much like the resorts mentioned above, the cabins that a wheelchair user will stay in for the duration of the cruise will have all the facilities required for a comfortable stay. The facilities on the cruise ship will also be wheelchair friendly, from ramps and elevators to spaces on the deck reserved for wheelchair users. Theme parks are also doing their part to make family wheelchair accessible holidays possible. While rides will not be wheelchair accessible for the most part, all of the other attractions of the park will be. This includes bathroom facilities, entertainment complexes and all of the pathways that attach the various features of the park. Large parks utilize passenger transports of some type from light rail transit to shuttle buses.

If the theme or amusement park is wheelchair accessible, so will their sources of transportation. Before booking a wheelchair accessible holiday, you'll want to review the destinations website or speak with a travel consultant at a local travel agency. They will be able to give you information about what facilities each destination has to accommodate wheelchair users as well as point you in the right direction to read reviews on the resort, cruise ship or attraction you plan on visiting.




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