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Wheelchair accessible gym equipment

There are many wheelchair users that get their daily workout utilizing wheelchair accessible gym equipment. The equipment used can be regular equipment at health clubs, specialized equipment at a facility dedicated to wheelchair users or one of the complete gym systems available to consumers in wheelchairs. If a chair user attends a local gym or fitness centre, there are some pieces of equipment that can be slightly altered to allow them to work out their upper bodies.

Many standing pieces of gym equipment come with either adjustable or removable benches that can be temporarily placed aside. This allows a wheelchair user to position themselves and allow them to complete the same upper body exercises as an able-bodied person. Some specialized facilities have dedicated wheelchair accessible gym equipment available to chair users. These pieces of equipment are similar to regular equipment used at health clubs with the exception that it does not contain benches for sitting during the exercise. In addition to this type of equipment, there may be pieces of specialized equipment designed specifically for wheelchair users.

For instance, The Grappler simulates a rope climbing experience and provides a great cardio workout for persons in a wheelchair. Lastly, a number of manufacturers have designed a home gym system that uses either weight plates or resistance bands to allow a chair user to complete their workout routine from the comfort of their home. This style of wheelchair accessible gym equipment will include popular exercises such as pull-downs, butterfly presses and vertical bench presses. There will be no benches installed and the adjustments for weights or resistance will be easily accessible to the wheelchair user so they do not require adjustment to go from station to station. Having the gym equipment in your own home makes it much easier to complete a daily workout and keep yourself in fantastic shape!



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