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Golf carts that are wheelchair accessible

If you have an interest in gardening and different types of flowers and plant life, you probably enjoy visiting greenhouses in the area or tend to your own backyard greenhouse. While this may not be an issue for able-bodied people, those in a wheelchair can have difficulties either visiting or enjoying their own greenhouse. Thankfully there are wheelchair accessible greenhouses, both used by local garden centres as well as installed by trained professionals.

A wheelchair accessible greenhouse has a few distinct features over the conventional greenhouse. All pathways leading to and from the greenhouse will be made of concrete, pavement or interlocking brick. The doorways have to be wider then a standard 26" door as most wheelchairs have a base of at least 26". Without a larger doorway, the chair will not be able to enter the greenhouse without transferring out of the chair. A wheelchair accessible version will have an entryway of at least 30" of larger. If the doorway is above ground level, a ramping system will be installed so wheelchair users can enter and exit without difficulty. Additionally if there are any levels within the greenhouse, these will also ramping so someone in a wheelchair can get access to the entire area. Greenhouses tend to be quite cramped with only enough room in between the tables for one or two people to pass at once.

While this allows the owners to get more plant life in the garden area, it's impossible for chair users to move throughout the greenhouse. Wheelchair accessible greenhouses will have larger aisles to accommodate the width of the chair as well as allowing people to pass at the same time. This gives the greenhouse a less cramped feel and can actually improve the overall appearance of it as well as the working conditions for those who tend to the flowers, vegetables and plant life contained there.




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