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Wheelchair accessible gardens

Nothing can be more relaxing then spending a sunny day viewing well kept gardens on private grounds or public parks. Chances are there are some stunning properties in your area or within driving distance where dedicated staff members tend to a wide array of local and exotic fauna during the warmer seasons. Did you know that some of these attractions are also wheelchair accessible gardens? When you arrive at wheelchair accessible gardens, you'll notice a few things have been modified for your convenience. The first feature would be reserved parking for those visitors who require a wheelchair to get around.

The parking will be closer to the main buildings and area then the remainder of the lot and have easy access to pathways that will take them to both the gardens and surrounding buildings. The pathways throughout the garden and surrounding property will also be wheelchair accessible. Instead of dirt or gravel paths, they will be paved or made of another durable flat material such as concrete or interlocking brick. This ensures that you'll be able to see all the areas the wheelchair accessible gardens has to offer without having to worry about having your chair get stuck in the process. Any of the buildings or other attractions at wheelchair accessible gardens will also have facilities to accommodate chair users.

Restaurants, gift shops and cafes are all popular additions to garden facilities and if they claim to be wheelchair accessible, they'll have ramps installed at doorways for entry as well as modified bathrooms with transfer bars and access to all the sanitizing facilities. If you're thinking of spending the day with family at a local garden that you've yet to visit, you may want to refer to their website or give them a call to ensure they are a wheelchair accessible garden.




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