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Wheelchair accessible fisheries and pools

Fishing is a great sport and leisure activity and as long as there have been some needed adjustments to fisheries they can be more than wheelchair accessible fishing pools. Many people enjoy the past time of sports fishing and those currently in a wheelchair or with limited mobility can also participate in this well loved sport - afterall most people fish sitting down! Fisheries are becoming increasingly aware of this which is to everyones benefit as they are making themselves wheelchair accessible to enable everyone to enjoy fishing from thier pools. We aim to provide the complete guide to all accessible fisheries in the UK - and are working with fisheries to obtain information and details.

Fishing is very popular - and easily accessible for wheelchair users.

Wheelchair accessible fishing is becoming an increasing popular service amongst charter boats that realize that there is a great demand for this service. In order to participate in wheelchair accessible fishing, the charter service you select must have a wheelchair accessible boat. This includes a dock or wharf that utilizes ramps or lifts rather then the stairs that are commonly used. Access to the boat itself is achieved through a ramp as well so the wheelchair user can easily board and exit the boat once the fishing trip has been completed. Wheelchair accessible fisheries tends to take place on larger boats as the wider hull makes them more stable, especially in uncomfortable weather. Able-bodied persons are able to use their legs to stabilize during periods of rough weather while a wheelchair user will simply have to tolerate the rocking motion. The boat will also have an area where the wheelchair can be secured to prevent rolling during the charter trip. Wheelchair accessible boats are also more commonly being offered by various marinas so if you'd like to investigate purchasing one for yourself, you may want to inquire at some of your local boat retailers.

As most of the navigation is completed using hand controls, modifications are generally not required. Additionally methods of fastening the wheelchair are installed on the deck for the convenience and safety of the wheelchair user. Whether you decide to purchase your own boat or charter one for a wheelchair accessible fishing trip, be sure that all safety precautions are made to ensure your safety. Personal flotation devices should be worn at all times and a clear plan of action should be set forth in the event that there is a problem with the boat.




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