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Whheelchair accessible exterior doors

A wheelchair accessible exterior door has a few characteristics that other conventional doors may not necessarily have in order to accommodate a wheelchair user. The first criteria for this style of door is the actual width of it. The door must be larger then the wheelchair itself, allowing enough room for wheelchair users to comfortably enter and exit their residence without their chair binding on the door or the door jamb. Standard wheelchairs are 26" in width although they can be wider.

Electric convenience vehicles also have a wider base so you will want to make sure that you exterior door is wide enough for whichever model you currently utilize or one you are planning to use in the future. Wheelchair accessible exterior doors also need to have some sort of ramping system in order for the wheelchair user to be able to enter and exit comfortably. Most doors are installed slightly about the ground, porch or deck level and while an able bodied person would have no difficulty making the small step up, it can be a challenge when using a wheelchair.

Permanent ramping is preferable to a temporary one as the temporary version can easily be slid out of the way and made unavailable with reinstallation while in a wheelchair is quite difficult. Each door has a threshold, which helps keep the elements out during incremental weather. These mounds of bumps at the bottom of the door keep wind, rain and snow out when the weather takes a turn for the worse. If the threshold is mounted on the plate of doorjamb, it may cause difficulties for a wheelchair user. It is better to use a make and model of wheelchair accessible door where all weather stripping is mounted to the bottom of the door itself rather then the doorjamb.


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