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Whheelchair accessible exercise equipment

Being confined to a wheelchair doesn't exclude you from regular exercise, although conventional fitness equipment will not be practical. Wheelchair accessible exercise equipment may not be as readily available at local health clubs and community centres but there are some items that may be installed locally as they can be used by both able-bodied fitness enthusiasts and wheelchair users. One piece of wheelchair accessible exercise equipment that is used by both types of users is a product called the Grappler. This machine essentially looks like a standing rack with a rope attached to it. As you pull on the rope, it loops through a resistance wheel.

This is a fantastic cardio workout and not only helps build stamina but also burns calories as you complete it. You will be able to adjust the tension on the machine itself to suit your personal workout needs. There is also a variety of upper body equipment that can be deemed wheelchair accessible exercise equipment as the benches can be removed without causing it to become unstable. Exercise equipment that utilizes a pull down bar or a peck deck can quite often be used by wheelchair users. You may need some assistance from a personal trainer or workout partner to initially retrieve the bar but if the bench can be removed or shifted, you shouldn't have an issue working out your chest, arms, shoulders and back muscles. You can also find some wheelchair accessible exercise equipment that allows you to experience a complete workout from the comfort of your own home gymnasium.

These resemble their able bodied counterparts with the difference being the lack of benches. Some of the exercises the this style of fitness equipment offers includes a vertical bench press, seated presses, pull downs, vertical butterfly as well as many others. If you're looking for something to use in the convenience of your personal residence, you may want to look at one of these home gym options.


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