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Whheelchair dining room tables

Wheelchair accessible dining tables are an important part of a person's collection of furniture in their home or apartment. Due to the size of the wheelchair itself, some dining tables have too much height and make eating a meal uncomfortable. In addition, the placement of legs beyond the four corners could also hinder a person's access to the table itself if they utilize a wheelchair for the mobility. The ideal wheelchair accessible dining table height is going to be dependant on the individual themselves and the type of chair they use. Ideally you would want to be able to test our the exact model to ensure you can easily place yourself at the table without having the wheelchair arms be affected by either the legs or the table itself.

Additionally you should feel comfortable as you sit there, easily being able to place your forearms and elbows on the table. Some modifications may need to be done to pre-fabricated dining tables in order to adjust the height to suit the wheelchair user. In most cases the height of the table might be slightly higher then is comfortable. Reducing leg height is the easiest way to adjust according to the user's requirements. Wheelchair accessible dining tables are more of a difficult proposition when dining at a restaurant. Most establishments will not allow wheelchair users to sit at the end of their booth seating as it blocks the walkways of the serving staff.

The restaurant will need to have tables that are both wide enough for your chair to wheel under as well as not being too high that you cannot easily access your food or drink. If you haven't visited the location before and know roughly the height and clearance you would require, contact them in advance to make sure they can accommodate. Most restaurants do utilize tables that will accommodate wheelchair users although you may have difficulties in smaller establishments.


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