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Whheelchair desk fully accessible

If you're planning on purchasing wheelchair accessible desks for your office or home study, you may not be able to use a number of the standard pre-fabricated desks used at office supply and the big box stores. For the most part these desks do not have an open area underneath where you can comfortably place yourself. Most of these desks have storages areas underneath and rely on the keyboard tray to extend out while the feet are placed firmly on the floor.

This is not an idea setup for a wheelchair user as most of the back portion of the desk is not accessible. When looking for a wheelchair accessible desk you are going to want to find something that is comfortable and suits you individual needs. Many office supply stores will have large catalogues of desks that can be custom ordered and installed, some being designated for wheelchair users. The key feature that you'll be looking for is one that is the proper height to allow your wheelchair to freely move under it without being obstructed by the bottom of the desk. Another component that you will want to look for is a better keyboard tray then those that simply pullout from the desk itself. There are several models of trays that are attached to an arm, which in turn is fastened to the desk.

You have much more flexibility in adjusting the keyboard tray in a way that you are both comfortable with as well as offering your wrists support to prevent discomfort and conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. If your local office supply store has a display room of their various desks, test out a few to see their comfort levels. While they may not have an ideal one on display, showing them similar models of what you're looking for may assist them in their search for the perfect wheelchair accessible desks.


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