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Days out which a wheelchair accessible

Everyone loves a good day out - but its often difficult to find wheelchair accessible days out - which as we know if your a wheelchair user or have limited mobility then you need to find out before you go! We are working hard to provide the platform and information that you need so can search and find a nice wheelchair friendly day out, experience, adventure and more. Have a search and browse below and please recommend any good accessible days out that you know of.

When you have to rely on a wheelchair to get around, it can be rather difficult to both travel and experience different attractions within your city or surrounding areas. Some companies offer customers wheelchair accessible days out that provide transportation and a list of attractions that you can experience. If you have your own transportation, you might want to simply plan your own day around some wheelchair accessible destinations. Popular entertainment destinations for wheelchair accessible days out include local zoos, parks, movie theaters and museums.

Most of these attractions have wheelchair accessible facilities so those in a wheelchair can experience all they have to offer. Bathrooms at these facilities will include dedicated bathroom stalls with support bars for transfer as well as sanitizing faculties that they can utilize quite easily. Local recreation centers quite often offer a number of activities that you could schedule in for your wheelchair accessible days out. Swimming, participating in group sports and personal fitness training are just some of the activities regularly scheduled at recreation centers. Contact your local facility to see what wheelchair accessible activities they offer their users. Chances are there are local companies operating in your area that organize wheelchair accessible days out for their customers.

These group packages include transportation to and from your destination for both you and your companion. These days out tend to visit more popular attractions and can include short breaks or full day trips to wheelchair accessible destinations. These can exclude shopping trips, attending major sporting events or concerts or even heading to a local nightclub or pub with a small group of other wheelchair users. Wheelchairs accessible days out are also available for children who rely on wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicle to get around. These kid friendly packages will attend science centers, planetariums, theatres and other spots that children are bound to enjoy.

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