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Wheelchair accessible cruises for a holiday

There are an increasing number of vacation packages available for wheelchair users. One of the more popular options is wheelchair accessible cruises that have all the necessary equipment and accommodations to make your vacation an enjoyable one. Entry to these large vessels is a rather simple manner as most cruise lines have a ramping system from your check in point to the ship itself.

A gradual ramp makes entry to the ship quite easy for yourself or your companion to help you aboard. Entry ways on the ship will be larger then standard doors so there are no worries that you won't be able to get your chair or electric convenience vehicle through them. Your accommodations during your wheelchair accessible cruise will also be constructed to ensure you don't have any issues. Your cabin will have ample room to turn your wheelchair and both the shower and toilet areas of the bathroom will have transfer bars so you can easily get in and out of your wheelchair. Some cruise ships will have roll in showers for ultimate convenience.

The facilities aboard a wheelchair accessible cruise are vast and can include multiple dining areas, casinos, night clubs and fitness centers. All of these facilities will have adequate ramps and doorways so you won't have to worry about which areas you can visit. In addition there will be elevators that can easily get you to whichever level the different attractions are located on. The deck areas are one of the more popular areas for sight seeing in addition to getting some sun if you cruise is headed to a tropical destination. Most of these areas will be wheelchair accessible although there may be some areas that are off limits for your safety. Speak to the staff onboard to find out if there are any restrictions.

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