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Wheelchair accessible cottages for holidays and more

Wheelchair accessible cottages are a great way to spend a summer vacation or even spend some time over the weekend with family and friends. While most of us associate the cottage with a rustic cabin type of experience, modifications can be made to most cottages to make them accessible to wheelchair users. Entrances will need to have either an access ramp or lift so a wheelchair user can both enter and exit the premises. Doorways may also have to be widened if the house uses a 26" door or less. Standard wheelchairs have a 26" base so you'll want to make sure the doorways are at least 30" in width. Driveways and pathways will have to have a solid foundation so a wheelchair user can easily maneuver.

An entire driveway does not have to be paved as long as there is a solid area of pavement, concrete, patio blocks or interlocking brick where a wheelchair user can exit the vehicle and get themselves into the premises. Pathways will also have to be made of a similar construction and be wide enough to accommodate the wheelchair. Bathroom modifications may be necessary to make them wheelchair accessible. Most cottages have either tiny bathrooms or outhouses, which will not give a wheelchair user the facilities they need. The bathroom must have a space of at least 48" to 60" in order to turn the wheelchair properly.

Support bars to assist the user to the toilet and shower area will also need to be installed. Wheelchair accessible cottages will also have to have some modifications to the dock if it is going to be used. Most docks do not have anything to contain people on the sides but something must be installed to ensure the wheelchair does not easily roll into the water. Rails the length of the dock with a gateway for entry to boats is one solution. You may want to discuss your requirements with a local contractor to find the best options for your particular area.



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