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Wheelchair accessible boats and crusies.

Boating is a wonderful experience, especially in the warm summer months. Being able to head out onto the water for a relaxing cruise of your local waterway or heading out for a day of fishing are a pleasant time to pass a nice hot day. There are a number of wheelchair accessible boats that are available to the consumer as well as operated by companies for both able and disabled customers. One of the most popular wheelchair accessible boats is a pontoon boat. This boat is constructed utilizing a flat deck mounted on two or more pontoons.

These tend to be quite stable as the construction is flat as opposed to the curved hulls of a regular boat. Access to the boat for those in a wheelchair is generally done from the side with a platform from the dock to the boat area. In order to gain access to this style of boat the dock will have to be wheelchair accessible as well. Tour companies have made great strives in ensuring their boats are wheelchair accessible and allow those customer's bound to a wheelchair to have the same experience as other clients. Access to the boat, a wheelchair accessible dock and proper securing devices ensure the safety of wheelchair customers throughout their trip. Probably one of the most wheelchair accessible boats is the large cruise lines that take their passengers around the world.

These massive boats are more like a miniature city with standard ramps and elevator service so you can get to the various attractions available on the vessel. When booking you will need to request a wheelchair accessible room with modified bathroom and shower facilities for the duration of the cruise. Depending on the cruise line you book, there may be some deck restrictions during foul weather but for the most part these large ships are so stable that you will not feel and level variation due to regular weather.



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