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Wheelchair accessible bed and breakfasts!

Bed and breakfasts are becoming increasingly popular amongst travelers due to the more personal experience that they offer you during your stay. Instead of staying at a large hotel or motel staffed by employees, bed and breakfasts for the most part are located in a family home where you will be served by the owners themselves. A number of owners have been offering their customers wheelchair accessible bed and breakfasts with all the necessities and facilities you will require to be comfortable for the duration of your stay. Entrances will be ramped so you can easily enter the premises rather then having someone struggle to get the chair up the stairs.

Where a ramp is not possible in the front, an alternate entrance will be dedicated to customers in a wheelchair or a lift will be installed. The entryways will be constructed to ensure it can handle standard wheelchairs, which are 26" in width. If you utilize a non-standard wheelchair, you will want to provide the owner's with your chairs measurement before booking your stay. Bathroom and shower facilities will also be constructed or renovated in wheelchair accessible bed and breakfasts. The bathroom facilities will have doorways that allow you to enter easily as well as enough room between the walls, cabinet areas, toilets and showers or bathtubs. Transfer bars will be installed to assist you in transferring from the chair to the toilet.

The shower or bathtub will also have the necessary bars to allow you to safely enter and exit during your morning shower. Before booking a wheelchair accessible bed and breakfast, be sure to ask what modifications they have completed in order to make your stay comfortable. If there's something special you require, make sure you request it or inquire whether it is available before arriving for your stay and finding they don't have all the facilities or items you need.





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