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Beaches that are wheelchair accessible

If you want to head out to the local beach to enjoy the sunshine but utilize a wheelchair, there are a large number of wheelchair accessible beaches that you can visit and enjoy your day. These beaches will have modifications that have been completed to ensure you are comfortable and still have access to all the facilities you require. Instead of standard stone or dirt paths from parking areas to the beach facilities, these will be paved, made of cement or constructed of an interlocking brick.

This allows you to safely maneuver your wheelchair from your vehicle or transportation to the other areas of the beach. Wheelchair accessible beaches will also have modified change rooms and bathrooms to accommodate your wheelchair. The bathrooms will have dedicated stalls with proper transfer bars. Sinks, air dryers and paper towel dispensers will all be installed so you have easy access to them. If there are closed stalls in the change room instead of an open concept, there will be dedicated ones for both families and wheelchair users. Again, the space will be larger then the standard change rooms and will have all the safety equipment you require. Access to the beach itself will be dependant on the location that you're attending.

For the most part once you hit the sand there's not much that can be done to modify it to make it easier for you to get down to the waterline. Some local beaches have paved paths part way down the beach to make it easy for those in wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles. Boardwalks and walkways that run parallel to the beach offer an alternative way to get around or bring you as close to the water as possible. If you're visiting a beach that you haven't been to before, contact the recreation department to find out what facilities are available and whether it is classified as a wheelchair accessible beach.







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