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Wheelchair bathrooms which are accessible

Construction of a wheelchair accessible bathroom or renovations to your current bathroom to suit the needs of a wheelchair user has specific components that you will need to consider before beginning the project. The first aspect you will want to examine is the actual size of the bathroom itself. The wheelchair itself needs a space of between 48" and 60" in order to turn so a smaller space simply won't work. The more space you can use for the bathroom, the more comfortable it is going to be for those using it. In addition to that you cannot utilize a standard 24" or 26" door as most wheelchairs are at least 26" in width.

The smallest door you should consider is one that is 30" in width. This will give adequate clearance for the person in the wheelchair to both enter and exit the bathroom. Ideally you would want your wheelchair accessible bathroom to come equipped with a roll-in shower. This allows the user to simply disrobe and enter the shower area with the assistance of support bars mounted on the walls. A seat will or bench is mounted in the shower so the user can easily sit and wash themselves. Consideration should be made about reinforcing the wall areas where both the transfer bar and benches are mounted. If you want to forego mounting a seat, you can always utilize a specially designed fold-up chair.

Countertops and fixtures should be easy to reach in a wheelchair accessible bathroom. The countertop should be no higher then 32". If you can leave an open space under the sink for the wheelchair user to place their legs while washing, brushing their teeth, shaving or other cleansing items, you will make it that much easier for them to accomplish their daily tasks.





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