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Wheelchair Accessible Ballon Rides

Entertainment companies are always looking to expand their customer base and one area that there has been some definite improvements in over the years is wheelchair accessibility. One surprising activity that has surfaced recently is wheelchair accessible hot air balloon rides.

A balloon ride is an exhilarating experience where you will fly in a specially adapted, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved, basket capable of carrying a  wheelchair user and companion in addition to your  experienced commercial pilot who will be pleased to guide you through the skies. Your pilot will skilfully fly you to heights typically ranging between 1,000ft and 3,000ft during flight where you will be able to to take in the scenery and survery the beautiful landscape below. Can you imagine the breathtaking view you will get as you hit these heights?

There is room for the wheelchair user and a companion on board as well as your pilot on your private flight. The basket is designed to enable a standard wheelchair to enter enabling the locking brakes to be utilized in addition to the specialized clamping system that will prevent the chair from moving if the basket tilts slightly on landing.

The modified baskets enables the operator to offer wheelchair accessible balloon rides, as there is a defined area within the basket for the wheelchair and also sufficient space a wheelchair users companion in flight. If you utilize a non-standard sized chair, you will have to transfer to a standard one for your wheelchair accessible balloon ride. Due to the weight of electric chairs, standard wheelchairs can only be flown. This is for your safety, as all the equipment will be geared towards standard sized equipment.




Accessible Hot Air Baloons


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