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Activities that have wheelchair access

Whether you are looking for an event to attend locally or planning a trip, you will find a wide selection of wheelchair activities to occupy your time. Most theatres, cinemas and entertainment complexes offer all the necessary accessibility equipment required to assist those bound to a wheelchair. These include ramps at the entrances so the wheelchair user does not need to get out of their chair in order to attend an event. Wider doors to accommodate both motorized and non-motorized chairs as well as bathroom facilities that include larger stall areas and transfer bars.

Many theatres now have designated spots for wheelchair users with reserved seats for their companions. Wheelchair accessible travel is something that is also becoming increasingly popular. Many hotels and resorts will have all the necessary requirements available to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Ground floor accommodations or accommodations with access to the elevator can be booked with bathrooms that have roll in showers, seats and safety bars. Airports have also been modified over the years to ensure you have no difficulties as you prepare to head to a sunny destination. Other wheelchair accessible activities include a variety of modified sports including wheelchair basketball, tennis, cycling etc.

Track and field events are another popular activity that has been modified for those who have been restricted to a wheelchair. If you enjoy the outdoors, you can find a number of parks that have made wheelchair accessible paths so you and the family can explore their grounds without having to worry about uneven dirt paths that turn to mud at the first sign of rain. While not all hiking paths will be accessible by wheelchair, you will find a nice selection that will allow you to spend quality time with your family and loved ones while enjoying the beauty of nature all around you.






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